24 March 2012

I am Joining! Come join us...

Hi everyone! Well, basically this is gonna be my first blog post, and yes, just like what the title says, "I am Joining a giveaway!".

I saw Life is Beautiful's page through Bing Castro's blog. I am actually a fan of Makeup by Bing Castro since last year and I just recently decided to make a blog account without knowing what to share. Hmmm... Lemme see what will happen when my Heart and Mind Collide, so be with me huh?

I'm so new to making blogs, doing my own makeups, and all. I am actually hoping to win for the brushes (eyeing hard core for it) and all the stuffs with it are just a plus. I haven't yet figured out when to start, till I found the giveaway and said to myself; "to those brushes, I must start!" :))

Hope you will support everybody, especially me and my humble blog. ;)

Remember, when Heart and Mind collide, you will never know what you'll figure out inside!
Wink with Lve! ;)