04 May 2012

A Girl's Bestfriend...

Hi everybody, how are things going this summer? Lately, I have become a certified bum. Hehe Actually,
I just finished college, so yeah, tambay pa'ko. :)

When I was still studying, I remember how I constantly procrastinate whenever I am reviewing my notes and preparing for my exams.
To kill my read-and-get-crazy routine, I grab a few lippies which I hardly use.
Choose from either red or pink shade, color my lips, and cam whore or just be vain and stare in front of all the mirrors in the house. /XD

Cam-whoring with my fave red lipstick (from hubby) ;)

I believe that makeup, most specifically lipstick, is a girl's bestfriend.
Personally, whenever I'm bored, feel not-so-pretty,
or losing a little self-confidence, I turn to this babies.
I felt some sophistication, boost of confidence, and "life" for myself. Then, voila!
Good Vibes, IN! Bad Vibes, OUT. =D>

Wearing NYX Round Lipstick in Rose (LSS 502A)
killing time during my break at the school last semester.

Let's say that me and my lippies have some "mutual understanding".
How about you loves, do you have some sort of relationship with your makeup/buddies?

Remember, when Heart and Mind collide, you will never know what you'll figure out inside!
Wink with Lve! ;)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ /bye


  1. I love pink shades of lipsticks :)

    Sai from here :)

    1. hi! thank you for dropping by.. I really appreciate it. It's so good to know that we both love pink shades. :)

      If you don't mind, maybe we can follow each other. :)
      I already did. ;)

  2. I am the same when it comes to study, I always try to find other things do and it always ends up with me applying make up with no where to go.

    1. Hi Tania! Thank you for letting me know that we're on the same boat. ;) yeah, studying is almost always kinda boring, and turning to our makeups every once in a while makes studying more fun! btw, i followed back. ;)

  3. Hi Kate :) Nice to discovered your blog! I agree, sometimes kapag tinatamad ako maglagay ng kaek-ekan sa muka ko, I just simply wear lipstick and VOILA! it doesn't fail me to look blooming. Thanks to the person who invented the Lipstick. hehe I also have the Nyx in Rose, if you have spare time you can check my blog too. Thanks! Have a nice day!

  4. Pink lipstick looks so perfect on you.
    I followed your blog, I hope you can follow back